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Oriental Acorn Squash by Lotsofhats

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  • Oriental Acorn Squash by Lotsofhats

    1 acorn squash, halved, seeded and scraped to remove strings
    3 tablespoons lemon juice
    2 tablespoons honey
    1 tablespoon soy sauce
    1 tablespoon grated ginger root

    Preheat oven to 400. Place the squash halves, cut-side down in a baking dish filled with 1/2 inch water. Bake for 40 minutes. Remove the dish from your oven and turn the squash halves, cut-side up. In a small bowl, stir together the lemon juice, honey, soy sauce and ginger root. Spoon this mixture into the squash halves. Return to your oven, and bake for 15 mins more. When done, scoop out squash into a bowl, and stir together to blend sauce thoroughly.