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  • Momís Spicy Fish by Mommabear3cubs

    Mommabear3cubs - Posted March 12, 2004 08:13 AM

    My mom put this dish together after watching an Emeril show for inspiration. It's the best fish meal I have ever had!

    Momís Spicy Fish

    Fish fillets (cod is best) as many as you want
    4 Ė 5 garlic; minced
    2 banana peppers w/ seeds; chopped
    2 jalapeno peppers w/ seeds from Ĺ of the peppers; chopped
    2 limes; juiced
    2 T. vinegar
    3 T. sherry
    Seasoning salt
    Cajun seasoning

    Cut fish into bite sized pieces. Sautť onion, garlic, peppers in a skillet coated with cooking spray. Pour vinegar and sherry in skillet. Add fish, turning as it cooks. Squeeze limejuice over fish, and cook thourghly. Serve over hot angle hair pasta or rice.