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The Tomato Melt by D'sMom

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  • The Tomato Melt by D'sMom

    D'sMom - Posted March 15, 2004 01:54 AM

    Instead of a Patty Melt,voila!

    The Tomato Melt

    2 slices good white or whole wheat bead
    1 Tbls.soft butter & 1 Tbls.spicy brown mustard,combined or equal parts mayonnaise & Dijon mustard
    4 thin slices peeled ripe summer tomatoes
    Salt & pepper to taste
    1 c.grated sharp cheddar cheese

    Toast bread on both sides,spread each slice with butter or mayonnaise mixture.

    Lay 2 slices of tomato overlapping on each slice,season with salt & pepper.

    Pack each slice with grated Cheddar cheese,to about a 1/2" thickness,being sure to cover tomato slices completely & the bread right to the edge.

    Slide sandwich under a broiler at 400 degrees.Cook 12-15 minutes,til cheese is melted & beginning to bubble at the edges.Serve at once.


    Use dark or light rye bread & caraway or dill Havarti cheese.

    Sprinkle chopped onion or garlic between tomato & cheese.

    Omit mustard & spread bread with a heavily herbed butter.

    Lay a thin slice of ham between cheese & tomato or top with 2 slices of hot bacon.

    Substitute garlic or hot-pepper jelly for butter or mayo. mixture.

    Use french or Italian bread,rub w/olive oil instead of butter or mayo.Top with garlic,chopped basil & Provolone cheese.