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Chicken Cream Cheese

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  • Chicken Cream Cheese

    Chicken Cream Cheese
    8 oz cream cheese
    thin sliced bacon
    chives (fresh)
    chicken breast, skinned
    Wyler's instant bouillon & seasoning (chicken garlic & herb) sprinkle over chicken breast after flattened

    Pound the chicken breast flat. Cut block of cream cheese into 4 equal parts. Place one part in center of breast, add fresh chives. Wrap the breast around the cheese. Wrap bacon around the outside to hold the breast together and use a toothpick if needed to do so
    Bake in a shallow dish, uncovered until the bacon begins to brown and is crisp about 25 minutes. Check often to make sure you do not over cook the chicken. If bacon isn't done but chicken is, briefly finish under the broiler.
    I sometimes turn the breasts over to brown the bacon all sides