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Santa Fe Strip Steaks: by D'sMom

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  • Santa Fe Strip Steaks: by D'sMom

    Santa Fe Strip Steaks:

    Source:Taste of Home
    Serves 4

    1/2 c.chopped onion
    1 Tbls.olive oil or veg.oil
    2 cans(4 oz.each)chopped green chilis
    1/2 c.chopped fresh cilantro or parsley leaves
    1 jalapeno pepper,seeded
    2 currant jelly
    1 tsp.chicken bouillon granules
    1 tsp.Worcestershire sauce
    1 garlic clove,peeled
    1/2 tsp.seasoned salt
    1/4 tsp.dried oregano
    4 New York strip steaks(about 1"thick & 7oz.each)
    salt & pepper to taste
    1/2 c.shredded Monterey Jack cheese,optional

    In a small saucepan,saute onion in oil til tender.Transfer to a blender or food processor.Add green chilis,cilantro,jalapeno,jelly,bouillon,Worcest-ershire sauce,garlic,seasoned salt & oregano.Cover & process til smooth.Return mixture to saucepan.Bring to a boil.Reduce heat & simmer,uncovered for 10 minutes.Set aside & keep warm.

    Sprinkle steaks with salt & pepper.Grill steaks uncovered,over medium heat or broil 4-6" from heat for 4-8 minutes on each side or til meat reaches desired doneness(for rare a meat thermometer should read 140 degrees,medium 160 degrees,well-done 170 degrees.)

    Serve steaks with green chili sauce & sprinkle with cheese if desired.