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  • Shredded Beef - by Bean

    I always have copies of this when I serve it to friends...they LOVE it!

    I got the recipe on the net years ago, tweaked it a bit & they taste just like a restaurant! My family loves this recipe. Great for tacos, burritos or tostadas.

    Shredded Beef -

    2 1/2 lb roast
    6 oz. coke (only coke & NOT diet)
    6 oz. Mexican beer - drink the rest Big Grin
    1/2 T. chili powder
    1/4 t. cumin
    1/4 t. oregano
    4 garlic cloves, crushed
    1 11oz jar Hot garden vegetables (Vlasic only)

    Puree the jar of veggies, including liquid in blender, make sure to remove all stems from peppers. I usually add some jalapenos & a few T. of juice from the jar.

    Take some flour, salt & pepper, roll the roast & brown in frying pan on all sides (I use olive oil).

    Put all ingredients in crockpot except 1/2 of the pureed veggies. Crockpot on low all day. Shred the meat with two forks, add the rest of the pureed veggies & keep on low for another hour or two. De-lish!! Enjoy

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    Re: Shredded Beef - by Bean

    This is my year for trying recipes I've collected. Bean's Shredded Beef has been at the top for some time. I can't find the Hot Garden Vegies by Vlasic! Other options?


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      Becca look for something called "Giardiniera" in your pickled foods section.