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  • Bbq chicken pasta

    Here is a recipe I use for a bbq chicken pasta, i dont know if anyone here will try it but if you do give me some feedback
    I was cooking for 5 people.

    What you need
    5-10 chicken breast boneless skinless
    Penne or rotini noodles
    Bbq sauce ( i use sweet baby rays, or Cookies bbq sauce, but choice here is yours)
    Sliced Mozarella cheese (i covered my chicken and put some on the noodles)

    How to cook
    Im sure everyone knows how to boil their noodles so i wont go into detail.

    Prepare the chicken.
    Season the chicken ( i use a little seasoning before cooking than add some in the middle of cooking)
    Seasons - garlice, salt, pepper, and seasoning salt.
    Cook the chicken on a skillet. when the chicken gets til about 1-2 minutes from being done to the way you like it ( i like mine to where it has the brown color from cooking on a skillet) 1-2 minutes out lightly glave both sides of the chicken in bbq sauce. before removing the chicken from the skillet glaze the chicken with some more bbq sauce.
    When removing the chicken from the skillet, and letting them cool enough to slice, I slice each chicken breast to make 3-5 long strips and then top them each breast thats been sliced with 1-2 slices of mozzarella cheese, place in the broiler to melt and brown the cheese.
    When the chicken is cool enough to slice, slice the long way to make strips
    Place noodles on a plate, shred some mozarella cheese on top of them
    place slices chicken on the noodles, add more bbq if needed.

    although i never thought of bbq chicken and pasta i ate it at a restraunt and thought it was a great dish, different and ive never seen it before, but it was delicious, so i decided to make my own recipe for it and when i tried it out it was great.

    Edited for mozarella cheese not parmasean
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    Re: Bbq chicken pasta

    Interesting idea.. I've never had it or actually seen this dish before .. I have had bbq chicken pizza and its good.. Might give this one a go one day.. thanks for posting


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      Re: Bbq chicken pasta

      yeah i saw it on a menu had to try it tried it, was so good, brought the idea back to the states with me on leave and tried it turned out really good.

      dont have exacts on portions, im not home, usually just make stuff i know how to by memory, if i was home i could give exacts :-(


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        Re: Bbq chicken pasta

        The Neeley's have a Barbecue Spaghetti on their menu at their restaurant & then on their website.I think theirs has pulled pork in it.