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  • Jans Spanish Rice by lovemykids

    Posted February 19, 2006 05:47 PM

    Hi i have a great recipe for spanish rice. If anybody wants it, here it is.

    Jans Spanish rice

    2 cups long grain rice
    3 cups hot water
    2 T oil
    3 tomato boullon (found in most mexican stores)

    1. Saute rice and oil in pan on high heat until rice turns golden brown.
    2. Remove from heat
    3. Add 3 cups hot water (be careful lots of steam)add boullon cubes.
    4. Put back on med-high heat bring to a boil and stir until cubes are dissolved.
    5. Turn heat to low cover and cook until water is absorbed.(About 10-12 min.)Best if made ahead of time then it will be light and fluffy.