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  • Breadcrumb Sauce Pasta

    1 box mini penne, cooked as directed
    1 cup chopped proscitto
    1 handful chopped italian flat leaf parsley
    4 large basil leafs sliced (or more to taste)
    3/4 c grated parmsean cheese
    1/2 cup seasoned breadcrumbs
    3/4 olive oil
    salt & pepper to taste
    red pepper flake to taste

    Cook mini penne as directed on box. Combine breadcumbs and salt & pepper in a small saucepan add oil over a medium heat. When pasta is almost done add breadcrumb mixture to oil and stir constantly until well mixed and toasted to golden brown approx 2-4 mins. Quickly drain pasta and transfer to serving platter. Add breadcumb sauce to pasta, add cheese, proscitto, basil and parsley, and optional pepper flakes to pasta, toss well to coat and serve immediatly.
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