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  • Egg Sauce Pasta

    1lb package of thin spaghetti broken into 3 inch pieces.
    4 eggs beaten
    2 cups fresh grated parmsean cheese
    1/4 c chopped basil
    1/4 c chopped italian parsley
    1 package of proscuitto chopped
    salt & pepper to taste
    1 cup frozen peas

    cook pasta according to box.. make sure to salt the water!
    add the peas while cooking the pasta.
    reserve 1 cup of pasta water.. set aside
    meanwhile add cheese salt & pepper, basil & parsley & proscitto to egg mixture.. mix well.
    drain pasta and place in serving bowl.
    Pour the egg mixture over the pasta and mix until the sauce is coated the pasta.. add pasta water as desired for a more saucey texture. Garnish with fresh parsley & parmsean cheese.
    Serve with garlic bread and a great bottle of red wine.
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