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  • Skillet Lasagne by momx3

    12 oven ready lasagne noodles
    1 lb. Ground Beef or Sausage
    1 jar of (1lb or 10 oz) 0f spaghetti sauce(or homemade..
    1/2 cup water
    1 container of Ricotta cheese
    1 cup shredded mozzerella cheese (about 4 oz)

    Cover noodles with Hot water and let stand for 10 minutes until softened
    Meanwhile in a 12 inch skillet, brown ground beef cook and drain.
    Add sauce and 1/2 cup of water..Bring to a boil over high heat
    remove noodles form water and tear in half lengthwise
    stir noodles into skillet.
    top with spoonfuls of ricotta cheese..then sprinkle with mozzerella cheese
    Simmer for 5 to 10 minutes or until noodles are tender and cheese is melted..If desired sprinkle parmesan cheese..

    This is the exact recipe...I;m so used to making it..Before I put the noodles in the hot water, I break them in half or smaller if you want to use 2 boxes(double the recipe) and put in a casserole dish for like parties...It's just a matter of throwing it in all together..and topping w/ cheese..
    Hope everyone likes it..I serve w/ salad usually
    and Garlic bread...