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Sethboyardees chicken parmasean

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  • Sethboyardees chicken parmasean

    this is my favorite dish to make, i make it at leats once a month if not more

    What you need,
    Boneless skinless chicken breast (1-2 per plate depending on the person)
    penne, rotini, elbow macaroni, spaghetti noodles, any type of noodle you like with spagetti really
    spaghetti sauce
    (optional but i recommend breading for a fried chicken breast)
    (optional but needed with last optional, eggs and milk)
    sliced mozarella cheese
    grated or shredded parmasean cheese.
    (homemade breading, flour, sea salt, seasoning salt, garlic salt, garlic powder, pepper, paprika mix i add my own never used a measuring)

    how to make
    If you have the breading for fried chicken, mix an egg or 2 with some milk, dip the chicken in the egg wash, and cover the chicken in the breading you made or bought.
    cook your noodles to where they will finish when you chicken finishes cooking. fry the chicken up until the breading is a nice golden brown.
    if your not going to make breaded chicken fry you chicken up seasoning how you would like it.
    when your chicken is done cooking place each piece of chicken on a cookie sheet, and broil the chicken til the cheese is turning golden brown and becoming crispy. Remove chicken
    Butter the noodles and add some garlic salt if you like butter and garlicy noodles, plate the noodles, cover the noodles with sauce top with shreded or grated parmasean, add your chicken to the top of the noodles and sauce, top with a TBSP of sauce or more if you like sauce.

    The Sauce, im usually lazy and buy prego ,ragu or newmans sauce, i poor into a skillet add some salt garlic and a hint of sugar, and cook until is starting to bubble.

    Serve this with some breadsticks, cheesy bread, garlic bread, or a caeser salad and your good to go, enjoy.

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    Re: Sethboyardees chicken parmasean

    Sounds good Seth.. very similar to how I make Chicken Parmesan .. the only difference is that I pound out the chicken breast a bit so that It cooks faster and actually more tender...


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      Re: Sethboyardees chicken parmasean

      Sounds good!! similiar to my recipe..


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        Re: Sethboyardees chicken parmasean

        sounds good.. glad to see your posting recipes...