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  • Summer Salad by EMail Queen

    Summer Salad

    Broccoli Flowerets: trimmed bite-size
    Cauliflower Flowerets: trimmed bite-size
    Cucumber: De-seeded & cubed in small pieces
    Green, Red & Yellow Peppers: Small pieces
    Tomatoes - grape ones - sliced
    Red Onion - sliced thin (optional)

    Chop all as noted, mix well. No dressing. * Let sit several hours before serving for better blend of flavors.
    Do not mix in red onion until just before serving.
    Serve with favorite salad dressing as desired.
    * OR - at time of mixing, mix in a little Italian or Ranch Dressing and then chill several hours. Up to you.
    And this is very nice served on top of lettuce too.

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    Here are some more I found:

    From: JenaRoman
    I live in north Florida, so when the tomatoes get ripe, along with young tender squash.........mmmmmmmmmm!

    1 c. thinly sliced young tender squash
    1 c. thinly sliced young tender cukes
    1 - 2 good ripe tomatoes
    1 Vidalia onion (preferred, but can use other after season)
    S & P to taste

    Pour just enough ranch dressing (either your own or bought) to moisten. This is good today, tomorrow and the day after! And you can vary the ingredients, make in larger batches for potlucks, etc.
    FROM: D'sMOM

    This is a great cold salad for a picnic.

    6 Cup Salad:

    1 c.sliced stuffed green olives
    1 c.chopped cauliflower
    1 c.chopped broccoli,blanched
    1 c.chopped celery
    1 c.chopped green onions
    1 c.chopped red radishes
    1/2 c.cubed cheddar cheese,opt.

    Mix altogether with your favorite creamy salad dressing(ie.Creamy Onion,Ranch,Creamy Italian,Bacon or Buttermilk Ranch.)Chill in fridge for 4 hours.Serve.