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Rice Salad

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  • Rice Salad

    Saw a version of this on top chef.. so I thought I would give it a whirl and its quite good!

    spring mix salad (as much as you want)
    1 box of rice a roni whole grain chicken & herb flavor cooked
    1 handful of chopped red onion
    1 handful of chopped baby carrots
    1 hand ful of froxen peas thawed out
    1 handful of Proscitto (browned)
    sprinkled feta cheese

    mix all in bowl and pour the vinigrette over the salad and serve immediately

    3T honey
    1/4 C balsamic
    1/2 C Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    2 sprigs of Thyme
    s/p to taste
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    Re: Rice Salad

    Neat recipe I am saving TY


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      Re: Rice Salad

      I have been drooling over this recipe since you've posted it!


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        Re: Rice Salad

        This sounds delicious! Thanks for posting the recipe
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          Re: Rice Salad

          Okay - made this this morning for a party this afternoon.
          I cannot wait to try it! It looks sooooo yummy!


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            Re: Rice Salad

            Maybe I can try to make it w/ a long grain and wild rice mix or something... no Rice-a-Roni for me... boo hooo!! Sounds YUMMY
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              Re: Rice Salad

              luvs, this looks like it has enough flavor to just use brown rice. Maybe make your brown rice with some chicken brothe and herbs if you wanted...Will have less salt this way too.



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                Re: Rice Salad

                RAVE reviews about this salad!
                I did not add any additional salt to the salad, and the amount was perfect.
                It had so many different flavors.

                Will definately make again. SO EASY!!!!