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Fruit Salad by mom_of_6

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  • Fruit Salad by mom_of_6

    I really don't have a recipe for this - it is kinda thrown together....

    lg can of pineapple chunks
    lg can of peach slices
    lg can of fruit cocktail
    several bananas, sliced
    several strawberries, sliced
    lg pkg vanilla instant pudding
    2-3 tablespoons Tang
    a good handful of pecans, chopped

    I open all the cans of fruit, dump in a LARGE bowl. I stir in the instant pudding, tang and pecans, gently fold in the bananas and strawberries. Of course taste just because Wink
    Refrigerate until chilled.

    I usually have to hide this. My kids are such fruit that they will not eat anything else if they know this in the house!
    It is our summertime favorite!