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Fresh green bean salad

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  • Fresh green bean salad

    There are really no measurements to this b/c you can't mess it up.

    Fresh green beans......judge by however many people will be eating at your table. Wash and snip the ends, but do not cut.

    Steam them till crisp tender and drain and throw ice on top to stop cooking. Put in frig to chill. No mushy beens!!!!!! Pat dry w/ paper towels if you need to.

    You can slice up fresh, clean mushrooms if you want.

    Mix up your favorite italian dressing.......I use Good Seasons dry mix and mix it up w/ balsamic vinegar and oil.......I use MORE vinegar than oil......too much oil on the GS mixer bottle!!!! I dont use olive oil on this one b/c this is really good cold and olive oil doesnt refrig well. Canola oil will work fine. My MIL used to make this all the time for picnics......whatever........but she used canned greenbeans.......fresh are better IMHO. If you use canned........rinse them well under cold water and drain very well.......and pat dry w/ papertowels if they are still wet. Needs to marinate a few hours b/f serving. It is YUM!!!!!

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    Re: Fresh green bean salad

    Sounds good and easy too ...TY