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Blue Crabs Sauce to Die For!

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  • Blue Crabs Sauce to Die For!

    My Great Grandma from Cuba cooked her blue crabs in a sauce. She would pull off the tops of the blue crabs , clean with a brush under cold water, cut body in half, pull off claws, and gently crack large claw a little. She made her sauce (which works with land crabs, shrimp, craw dads, any hard shell). When sauce was complete she would just throw crabs in it and cook until sauce was reduced. I decided to cook for a bunch of friends that normally eat a crab boil. When I poured the crabs on some white rice and bring to the table, it was on! My friends went to town and said with red juices running down there arm as they sucked those crabs. "I will never eat a crab boil again...give us the recipe! LOL my Grandma (abuela) will kill me! So, I decided to jar my sauce and make it available for my friends. Dose anyone have a crab sauce or would like to try mines?
    Thanks, Mr. Joe
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    Blue Crabs Sauce to Die For

    I was wondering if it was too late to catch blue crabs. I know they will bury in the mud when it gets cold, but is there still a way to get them?