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  • Nana's Magic Jar by Bean

    Nana's Magic Jar

    1 whole bulb garlic
    1 bunch parsley
    1 c. extra virgin or light olive oil

    Take 1 whole bulb garlic, peel all cloves; Take 1 medium bunch curly parsley, remove stems, wash and pat dry curly green leaves. Put garlic cloves and parsley into food processor or blender, pulse or blend to mince fine. Add 1/4 cup olive oil, process briefly. Spoon into pint jar or container with lid. Add olive oil to fill jar or container. Cover and refrigerate. Keeps 3-4 weeks in refrigerator. Will solidify. Allow to come to room temperature before using. Flavored oil on top of jar can be used for bruschetti (thin rounds of toasted French or Italian bread) garlic bread, or salad dressing. Scoop out of bottom of jar to spread garlic/parsley mixture on meats or vegetables before grilling or baking, and to season soups, stews, vegetables, and pasta sauces. You'll find a thousand uses for Nana's Magic Jar. I'm never without it, and you won't be either, once you've tried it!
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