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Sweet & Spicy Pickles (EASY)

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  • D'sMom
    Bump for genia...............(I found this & thought you might like it.They sound really good!)

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  • yaya78006
    Guest started a topic Sweet & Spicy Pickles (EASY)

    Sweet & Spicy Pickles (EASY)

    These pickles just need refrigeration in sterilized jars.
    They get very sweet, sour, crunchy and spicy!
    you can adjust the heatness by adding more or less of the jalapeno slices.
    If they sit in the fridge, they will get hotter. If they last that long!

    Sweet & Spicy Pickles

    1 gallon sour whole pickles (already sliced can be used) Drain the liquid
    (Must use a gallon glass jar for this recipe.)
    Plastic makes them taste funny
    1 (12oz) jar of sliced jalapenos (I usually add the juice)
    1 bag (4 Lb.) sugar
    7 cloves fresh garlic minced or pressed.

    Cut pickles into discs or long slices.
    Place in colander and cover with towel and drain overnight in sink.
    Mix the sugar, jalapenos (with juice if desired) and garlic in a large bowl.
    Layer the pickles then sugar in the clean gallon glass jar.
    Usually there are 4-5 layers.
    You usually have to shake the jar a lot to get it all to fit.(sometimes I have to put the lid on and roll the jar for awhile to settle and add the rest)
    I use a canning funnel to keep from spilling so much sugar.
    Use a piece of wax paper or plastic wrap over the top and then screw on the lid.
    Turn upside down every day for 6 days at room temp.
    I usually turn a couple of times the 1st day to get the juices running.
    On the 6-7th day put into sterilized jars.
    I always wash mine in the dishwasher with sani-rinse.
    And sterilize the lid liners with some boiling water.
    Store all jars in the refrigerator.
    They are cold, crispy and mighty spicy.
    They don't last long around our house.
    They are colorful and make great gifts.
    At Christmas time I may have 4 jars or more going at one time.
    Buy your pretty jars at canning time because they are hard to find at Christmas.

    I hope you like them!