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  • Cheatin' Chowder by moo

    One late afternoon a couple of winters ago, I was cruisin the aisles of the market trying to find something quick, easy and warm for dinner. I happened upon a box of Uncle Ben's soup miz, Broccoli, Cheese and Rice. I thought, okay, easy and warm. I took it home, made it and it was quick and warm. so, I tried to improve upon it. The following is what I came up with...

    Cheatin' Chowder

    1 box Uncle Bens Broccoli soup mix
    1 cup frozen corn
    1-2 cups frozen chopped broccoli

    Mix soup according to package directions. Thaw broccoli in micro, corn, too! When soup is almost done, add defrosted broccoli and corn and additonal water until desired consistancy is reached. Maybe 3/4-1 cup. We really like it, so when I need an easy meal, I always have on hand. Makes 4 generous servings.