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Spicy Cream Of Tomato Soup: by D'sMom

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  • Spicy Cream Of Tomato Soup: by D'sMom

    Spicy Cream Of Tomato Soup: (Crema Piccante al Pomodoro)
    Serve 4

    2 Tbls.butter
    2 large potatoes,diced
    1 medium stalk celery,thinly sliced
    1 medium onion,thinly sliced
    1 red chili,seeded & finely chopped
    1&1/2 cans(28oz.each)imported pear-shaped tomatoes,drained & chopped
    1 Tbls.all purpose flour
    4 c.beef broth
    1 c.heavy whipping cream
    1 c.seasoned croutons
    1/2 tsp.white pepper

    Heat butter in 4 qt.Dutch oven over med-high heat.Saute potatoes,celery,onion,chili & tomatoes in butter.Sprinkle flour over vegetables,stir well.Remove from heat.Stir beef broth & whipping cream into vegetables.Heat to boiling,reduce heat.Cover & simmer 40 minutes,stirring occasionally.

    Carefully pour about half of the soup into food processor or blender,cover & process til smooth.Repeat with remaining soup.Top each serving with croutons & white pepper.