southernjewishprincess - Posted January 14, 2004 10:30 PM

Yellow Squash per D'smom's request

My Mom LOVES it!

I only bother with smaller squash, not the big tough ones. I used to think deep yellow bigger ones were supposed to be best, but the smaller pale ones are actually premo

1 medium onion cut in half and then sliced into 1/4 inch half-circles
roughly 2 lbs of crookneck squash sliced into half-inch rounds.
approx 1 Tbsp butter
just a little sugar or sweetner, like a few pinches

Saute onion until almost soft, kinda translucent. Not brown.
Add squash and a good half cup of water. Cover and cook about 20-25 minutes on medium heat. Stir occasionally. I add Salt&Pepper midway. This is the one veggie I really pulverize...I cook it until the little seeds are falling out of the middle of the rounds, quite soft. I take off the top near the end of cooking and cook the extra water out so it is wet, but not swimming. I add the touch of sweetner when I take the top off...Voila. Me and my Mom can eat it by the bowlful. Dad will eat a little...