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Ninfa's Curtido - pickled carrots

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  • Ninfa's Curtido - pickled carrots

    Ninfa's is a well known established Tex-Mex restaurant originating in Houston Texas. I recently made this recipe and found it to be very delicious.

    3c white vinegar
    1/2c veggie oil
    2c water
    1(oz) chile arbol
    1 medium can of pickled jalapenos
    4T salt
    1T sugar
    1t oregano
    1t basil
    1t comino
    1t black pepper
    1t garlic powder
    2/3c onions, chopped
    3lbs carrots, sliced in thin rounds *

    Wash carrots & trim ends (not necessary to peel). Place all ingredients except carrots, onions and jalapenos in a large stock pot and heat to boil. Add carrots & onions. Cook 10-15 minutes until carrots are tender. Turn off. Add jalapenos. Pour into a large plastic storage container and chill. Best if made a day or two before eating. Great with chips or along side pork, fish or chicken.

    * I've even bought the pre "matchstick" version of carrots & it's delicious. If you slice them in rounds, it's best to use a mandolin.