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Kappa Maki(Cucumber Sushi Roll)

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  • Kappa Maki(Cucumber Sushi Roll)

    From,Local Bounty Seasonal Vegan Recipes,by Devra Gartenstein 2008.

    Kappa Maki(Cucumber Sushi Roll)
    Makes 6 rolls
    (Serve these w/extra soy sauce,pickled ginger & wasabi horseradish.)

    2 c.water
    1 c.white or brown short-grain rice
    1/4 c.rice vinegar
    1 tsp.unrefined cane sugar
    1 cucumber
    6 sheets toasted nori
    2 sauce

    Bring the water to a boil in a small saucepan.Stir in the rice,lower the heat,cover & cook till all of the water is absorbed,about 20-30 minutes for white rice or 30-40 minutes for brown rice.

    Stir the vinegar & sugar into the rice & spread it 1" thick on a plate to cool quickly.

    Peel the cucumber & cut it into wedges about the size of a finger.

    Lay a sheet of nori horizontally over a sushi mat.Spread about 1/2 c.of the rice in a horizontal layer 2-3 inches wide,starting about 1" from the bottom.Lay 2-3 cucumber wedges end to end on top of the rice,so that they reach from one end of the sheet to the other.Roll the bottom of the mat toward the center to shape the roll,then unroll the mat & roll the nori the rest of the way.If you aren't using a mat,you can just roll the bottom up,shape it w/your hands to make sure its as tight as possible,then continue rolling.Spread a thin layer of soy sauce horizontally near the top end of the nori to help seal the rolls.

    Repeat the process w/the remaining rice mixture,cucumber,nori & soy sauce.Slice each roll into 8 or 10 pieces.