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SOS - Need dip recipe - pineapple jam, apple preserves, horseradish

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  • SOS - Need dip recipe - pineapple jam, apple preserves, horseradish

    If you have this recipe can you send it asap? I need it for at party in 1 1/2 hrs. Yikes!! thanks!!
    Karen in the Kitchen

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    I found this??? Either of these sound right?

    Jezebel Sauce

    18 oz. apple jelly
    18 oz. pineapple jam
    5 oz. wet horseradish
    1 1/2 tbsp. dry mustard
    1 tbsp. coarse grain black pepper

    or ---------

    Jezebel Sauce

    1 lg. jar pineapple preserves
    1 (10 oz.) jar apple jelly
    1 (5 oz.) jar horseradish, drained
    2 tbsp. dry mustard
    1 tsp. cracked pepper (optional)

    Mix well. Serve over cream cheese. Serve on crackers. Keeps a long time.


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      Jazebel Sauce

      You are talking about good ole Southern Jazebel sauce:
      We use this on ham and other meats but many people use it with cream cheese as a dip. Delicious!

      1 jar pineapple or arricot preserves (18 oz)
      1 jar apple jelly (18 oz.)
      1 small can Colemans dry mustard (or to taste)
      1 small jar horseradish (or to taste)
      2. t. fresh ground black pepper (or more to taste)

      Mix all together well. Place in frig until ready to use.


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        Thank you, thank you!! I owe you!!
        Karen in the Kitchen


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          I make this and give as gifts to neighbors at Christmas!


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            This stuff is to die for and is excellent with Wheat Thins


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              How did your party dip turn out, Karen?


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                So yummy!!

                I used the first recipe that was submitted. It was better than the one I had that I couldn't find. Everyone loved it!! One more time... my friends at came to my rescue... :-)
                Karen in the Kitchen


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                  Buckwheat, I made your recipe and served it with some cream cheese and plain bagel chips .......... delicious! I'm anxious to try it with ham. Thanks for sharing!


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                    Third time is a charm!!

                    Well, actually everytime has been a charm. I made this for a party last week, made it while visiting my son and his wife, and now I am making it for my parents.... I'm keeping the cream cheese, etc. folks in business! Soooo good.
                    Karen in the Kitchen


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                      Im kinda confused, would you pour the sauce mixture over an 8oz block of cream cheese?
                      Sounds interesting....


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                        What to do with this sauce....

                        I pour it over an 8 oz. block of cream cheese. I've learned to use a fork to make a few grooves in the top of the cream cheese. This keeps more of the sauce on top. I usually pour about 1 1/2 c. of the sauce on it. It's great with Wheat Thins! Make sure you use good horseradish sauce.
                        Karen in the Kitchen


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                          another question...

                          I've never bought horseradish & don't know good from bad.
                          Can you advise me what I should get? Also, where would it be in the grocery store???

                          Thanks in advance!!!


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                            I bought Silver Spring horseradish this time and it's really good. It is refrigerated and sometimes it is in the dairy section. You may just have to ask.
                            Hope you enjoy it. We served some of this sauce with a pork roast this evening. Delicious!!
                            Karen in the Kitchen


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                              You will love this sauce on meats, especially pork. I always make batches during Thanksgiving & Christmas to add to the table.

                              No matter how true to the recipe I am, I can never get it to taste like my grandmothers! Or maybe as a kid it just seemed to taste better, or maybe because it was made with her homemade peach, pineapple,apricot preserves

                              Whenever we serve it, folks that have never tried it get hooked!