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  • Recipes using poker buns

    There was a recipe in the old copykat. Is there a way to get those recipes back, or do we have to start all over?

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    Stephanie is trying to get all the recipes from the old board, it is probly going to take some time.

    Maybe some one has this printed and will post it!


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      Oh I hope so.. I wanted to make this for camping next week.


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        is this the one u are looking for? if it is, sorry for taking so long. had family when u posted this, 3 times to the airport in 3 days and getting ready for vacation. chop

        here is a good sandwich recipe that freezes well.

        poker buns
        2 pounds ground beef
        one small onion
        1 package chili mix
        1 package of enchilada mix
        1 small can of ortega chilis,,,,diced
        i large can of tomato sauce
        1 pound of sharp cheddar cheese....grated
        about 1 1/2 dozen long rolls without the split

        cook beef and diced onion, and then drain. put into a pot, and put in
        chili mix, enchilada mix, chilis, and tomato sauce. simmer for one hour.
        while this is happening, slice a thin layer off the rolls and remove
        the insides, reserving them for stuffing or crutons. after it has
        simmered an hour, then add the cheese and stir. put mixture into the hollowed
        out bread shells and put back on the top. wrap in foil and freeze. when
        ready to heat, put into an oven on 350 degrees for an hour or til hot
        in middle.

        this is a great dinner, just add a salad. hope u like it

        i didnt loose it! ...........i sold it on ebay!


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          [QUOTE=Engel]There was a recipe in the old copykat. Is there a way to get those recipes back, or do we have to start all over?[/QUOTE]

          What are poker buns???


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            Long buns, unsplit. Ones I got were called sub buns, purchased at Wal-Mart Supercenter. BTW, they were much too crunchy when I put them in the oven for an hour,so the next time,I took 2 out of the freezer, put in the fridge overnight to thaw, then zapped them for 90 seconds-one at a time. Perfect.

            Editing to say I substituted ground turkey instead of the beef. Ground chuck around here is about the price of gold. Hubby STILL doesn't know I used turkey!
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              I have never heard that buns. Learn something every day!


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                Kind of sounds like sloppy joes but with a different bun. Could you use the can enchilada sauce instead of the package?


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                  kirk, using the can enchi sauce instead of the dry package would make it way too soupy. u dont want that, the bread would be soaked.

                  as for calling them poker buns, this is the story i was told by the lady i got the recipe from. her gf's dh played poker every week with a bunch of buddies. they would take turns on whose house they would play at. the wife of the house wasnt allowed to be there. (poor wife rofl). but the wife would leave food for them to eat. this one guy asked his wife if she could think of something hot for them to eat, something easy for them to heat up themselves. (they were tired of cold cuts and stuff) so she came up with this recipe for buns for poker nite, thus, poker buns chop

                  i didnt loose it! ...........i sold it on ebay!