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Recipe with Bagel Chips

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  • Recipe with Bagel Chips

    I had copied a recipe using bagel chips and now I cannot find it. I do not remember any other ingredients except it was a type of main dish. I am hoping someone will have a suggestion? It was posted within the last month or two on the old board, I think. Thank you for your help!

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    Shadow, I'm trying to search with ya', but not having any success. You can't remember anything else that was in beef or chicken, casserole?


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      I wish I could remember, nothing comes to mind. I know I bought the chips for this particular recipe. Thanks for your help luv...I will keep searching too. I know I saved it on my computer, the problem is that I have saved so many from here....


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        If you find it, could you please post it here? DH gave me a bag of bagel chips, but I am unable to eat them anymore, so do not know what to do with them.


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          I am still looking...I must not have saved it. I only found an appetizer that uses them as a chip. I can post that if you would like but do not know if it will help you.

          If I find anything else, I will post it.