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    Hello, I noticed in yesterday's "What's for dinner" post that you were making a chicken with asparagus dish. I was wondering how it turned out and if you could share the recipe. Just noticed..........HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi Jackie!
    A fellow friend and ck'er alerted me to your post.
    I kind of made up that recipe on the fly.It turned out to be an oriental style dish even though I didn't intend it to be.It came out bland at first because I didn't put any soy sauce and used way too many noodles(a whole box). Here is what I will use for next time:
    (Adjust the amounts to what you think you would like)

    1 lb boneless chicken breasts,cut into chunks
    butter(1-2 Tbsp)
    garlic(3-4 cloves chopped)
    onion(1/2 small one,chopped)
    asparagus,(1 bunch chopped into bitesize pieces)
    carrots,(2-3 chopped into bitesize pieces)
    ground ginger(according to taste)
    soy sauce(according to taste)
    1/2 box angel hair pasta(16oz size)

    Saute the garlic and onion in melted butter in a skillet. After softening them, add chicken to the mixture and cook until done.Meanwhile, steam the asparagus and carrots in the microwave..don't overcook. Add the asparagus and carrots to the chicken mixture and mix well. Cook pasta according to pkg directions. Add chicken and veggie mixture to the cooked pasta. Add soy sauce,ginger,salt and pepper to the pasta/chicken mixture. Mix well.


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      Wow, thanks so much for responding. I will sure try your recipe out one day. I ended up finding a recipe on a web search and it turned out quite well.