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ISO: rolls like the ones at Bertucci's

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  • ISO: rolls like the ones at Bertucci's

    I could live on those rolls! Anyone have a recipe for them?

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    I've Never Been There, Are They Anything Like Logans, Or Texas Roadhouse?


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      Sorry... I don't know what those are. These are hard rolls with a soft & chewy texture.


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        Then They're Not Like The Others, So I'm No Help As Usual! Lol


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          I did find this information and not much else.



          21 Brattle St.

          No Bertucci’s meal is complete without a healthy number of piping hot rolls. Kitchen Manager Mike Guerra says that “people come here for the food, but the first thing they ask about is the rolls.” The famous rolls are light, mealy and always fresh from the oven—each is created in the kitchen on location during the 12 hours before it is served. The recipe is a Bertucci’s trade secret that has remained essentially the same since 1983. Jose Cano, “the dough guy,” devotes his mornings to making 560 pounds of dough every day for the Harvard Square Bertucci’s. That dough then becomes both rolls and the pizzas.

          While the specifics of the recipe could not be revealed, the staff could reveal the general process of creating the beloved rolls. Cano starts by mixing flour, soy oil, yeast, sugar and salt. His dough is refrigerated at 39 degrees for up to 12 hours. To make rolls from the dough, he lets chilled dough rise at room temperature for an hour and a half before dipping balls in cornmeal and baking them at 375 degrees for 15 minutes.

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            That's a huge help! Thanks!