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Grocery switch????

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  • Grocery switch????

    Somewhere between the store & home, the pkg. of angel hair pasta I picked up changed to linguini! Can they be used interchangeably?? (I asked this yesterday, but have no idea where it went--probably the same place the pasta did!)

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    I've Had That Happen To Me. It's The Grocery Gremlin!!! I Also Have An Alarm Clock Gremlin That Keeps Pushing The Snooze Button In The Mornings!!! Lol

    I Would Think You Could Use Them Interchangable, But The Linguini Won't Be Fine Strands Like The Angel Hair!


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      Funny, the package of spaghetti noodles I bought on Friday had turned into angel hair pasta by the time I got home.

      *humming Twilight Zone theme*


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        I Did That Twice A Coulpe Saturdays Ago. The First Time I Was Buying Shrimp,bogo, When I Checked Out I Had The Wrong Shrimp For The Sale. The Second Time I Was At Sam's And Buying Tide, When I Was On My Way Out Of The Store I Noticed I Had Front Loader Not Regular Soap. At Least Both Of My Wrong Purchases Were Discoved Before I Left The Stores.


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          Thank you soooooooooo much for this thread... This happens often to me, and I keep thinking I'm getting early Alzheimers. (My mom died from it) It makes me happy now that I'm not the only one this happens to. Phew...


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            My son has it then Jana. He wanted me to buy him Koolaid. I did 8 packages of it, they put it in a little bag and then inside the big bag. Well a few days after groceries were put away he asked about it. Big dork probably threw them away.

            God grant me the serenity to accept the yarn I cannot return... courage to change the yarn I can... and the reciept to know the difference.


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              Happened here too. My theory is that we are accidentally grabbing the item right next to the one we REALLY want. Sadly, I too usually see the mistake when I am packing the groceries away in the pantry.

              May 12th is the food drive by the postal carriers. These cans and oddball pastas will make a nice meal for someone.


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                Suwannee, thanks for telling us about the food drive. I think we have it the same time. Oh I can't wait to get in the pantry. I got some stuff that I brought that I will never use. I will try to get in the pantry tomorrow. At least someone can use it.