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  • AllieK
    Re: Safe Sack Lunch

    found this

    Selecting the right foods is an important part of packing a safe lunch, says Wade. Foods high in acid or low in moisture are resistant to bacteria growth, and are thus more appropriate for inclusion in lunches. Such foods include:

    raw, cooked or dried fruit

    raw vegetables

    dry cereals


    dried meats, such as jerky, salami and pepperoni

    unopened canned foods

    breads, cookies, crackers and cake

    peanut butter and nuts

    dry or hard cheeses

    pickles, relishes, mustard and ketchup

    butter and margarine

    jams, jellies and honey

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  • Rescuedpanther
    Re: Safe Sack Lunch

    here are some ideas i found

    Whole-grain, trans fat-free crackers
    Low-fat white cheese slices or mozzarella sticks (such as Cabot or Organic Valley)
    Baby carrots
    Cereal bar (such as Health Valley Fruit Cobbler)
    Bottle of spring water or vitamin water

    Peanut butter sandwich on whole-grain bread (use peanut butter with just peanuts and a little salt)
    Apple, whole or sliced (preserved in lemon juice and wrapped in a paper towel to prevent discoloration)
    Celery sticks
    One box of raisins
    Packaged graham cracker sticks
    Jello pudding pack

    Half a piece of pita bread, opened
    Canola mayonnaise (spread inside pita bread)
    Slice of additive-free chicken or turkey
    Lettuce leaves (dark green)
    Paprika (sprinkle on poultry slices)
    Apple (yellow or red delicious)
    Vanilla enriched rice milk (lunch box size)

    Whole-grain tortilla
    Spread (such as canola or Earth's Best) on one side of tortilla
    Last night's leftovers (placed on half of tortilla and rolled up)
    Dried fruit (fruit leather or combination of dried cranberries, raisins and bananas)
    Bottle of spring water or vitamin water

    Whole-wheat wrap (spread with peanut or soy-“nut” butter and sliced bananas or sugar-free preserves)
    Small bowl of berries and/or sliced melon (with colored toothpicks for fun)
    Celery sticks and baby carrots (or pickles if child prefers)
    Small container of skim milk
    Lollypop, Tootsie pop or two sucking candies, such as Nips, butterscotch or Cream Savors

    Low-fat, whole-grain crackers
    Reduced fat cheese stick
    Sliced red peppers and baby carrots
    Low-fat packaged milk (such as Horizon Organic)

    Pre-packaged South Beach meal wrap
    Low-fat yogurt (such as Stonyfield or Brown Cow)
    Nut snacks (almonds or sesame seeds) or trail mix
    6 ounces of 100 percent juice (such as Apple & Eve)

    Chicken or turkey and lettuce pita sandwich
    Red delicious or yellow apple
    Cereal bar
    Vanilla enriched rice milk
    100 calorie package mini-Oreos

    Whole-wheat tortilla
    2 slices low-fat bologna or soy-based meat
    Reduced-fat cheese stick or shredded cheese
    Fruit cup (packed in fruit juice with no added sugars)
    Animal crackers

    Slice of leftover plain or veggie pizza
    100 percent fruit sauce (apple, apricot or fruit mix)
    Frozen low-fat yogurt (will thaw by lunchtime)
    Unsweetened fruit water or vitamin water
    Cookies (such as Newman-O's, Barbara's Snackimals, or Joseph's Sugar-Free)

    Most important sit down with her and make up a list of what she might like to have
    there are ton's of stuff on the net now, you can even make your own lunchables up kid's enjoy making there own.

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  • AllieK
    Re: Safe Sack Lunch

    trail mix, granola, nuts, quick breads. If she can open a tuna can, you can get those little cans with crackers,
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  • jewels
    started a topic Safe Sack Lunch

    Safe Sack Lunch

    My Ali is going to a YMCA camp next week and I have to pack lunch daily. Now, usually this is not a problem, but school is airconditioned and camp is not. I will pack ice packs or frozen water bottle in her lunchbox, but could you help me with some new "safe" ideas. PB&J will be one of them. Canned fruit..................what else??????