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  • Basket Cheese

    I'm looking for the recipe on how to make Basket Cheese. Any help is really appreciated. You can only get this in my area around Easter time and I would love to have it more often. Any help is appreciated.

    Its comes in a plastic round lattace backet for drainage.
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    Re: Basket Cheese

    Wow, Ro-Ro, it sounds like either a mozzarella or soft goat cheese? Taste? Consistancy? Uses for? Will look around for you. But definatly called Basket cheese??? TIA, Laura


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      Re: Basket Cheese

      Thanks Lara - Yes, in the italian stores its called Basket Cheese. Kinda like a smooth Ricotta that is soft and "wet" for lack of a better word. Some in my family refer to it as a squeeky cheese.
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        Re: Basket Cheese

        Basket Cheese (real name formagetto)


        1 gallon milk
        1 tsp rennet
        2 pinches salt

        Heat the milk to luke warm (86-90F)and add the rennet. Turn off heat
        and let set for about 40 minutes.

        After the milk has set turn the heat back on to low and heat again
        for about 2 minutes. Using a slotted spoon pull the curds to the
        side of the pot. Keep moving the curds for about 10 minutes with
        the slotted spoon. (This breaks up the curd and keeps them drain in.)

        Remove the curds from the pot with your slotted spoon and place into
        a basket. Return the basket with the curds in it back into the whey
        and cover the curds with the whey pressing the curds into the basket
        with your hands.

        Remove the basket from the whey and set another mold inside of the
        first one and put an 6-8oz. glass of water on top of it. (this is
        used as a weight for pressing the cheese. Press this way for 2 hours.

        Take out the cheese and turn over, salt to taste, return to the basket
        and continue pressing for 1 and a half hours longer. Remove the cheese
        from the press and refrigerate.

        This cheese will have a 3 day shelf life.

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          Re: Basket Cheese

          Thank you Jewel. DH and I will definately try this in a few weeks.
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