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  • Rib question...

    Has anybody done this recipe before? And if so, how did it turn out? This recipe came from the craft thread on CHAT...

    The BEST , EASIEST no-fail BBQ Rib Recipe EVER!
    I mean it- this is the best rib recipe you will ever taste. Makes these ribs and tell me what you think! These ribs will the juiciest , tenderest meat falling off the bone you have EVER tasted. Recipe courtesy of my step-mom. Thanks Lea!

    Ribs ( I use pork side ribs but can also use baby back and beef ribs as well)
    salt and pepper
    BBQ sauce

    Lay one rack on top of tin foil. Sprinkle generously with salt and pepper. Cover in foil. Bake in oven at either 275 degrees for 21/2 hours OR 300 degrees for 2 hours.

    You can cool down and refrigerate to drain off fat if you want.

    The ribs are now fully cooked. Put on medium high BBQ about 2-5 minutes a side while basting with your favourite BBQ sauce.
    These will be delicious. Serve.

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    Re: Rib question...

    try here,a few good recipes from the texas beef council darlin, muahh


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      Re: Rib question...

      I always cook my beef ribs in the pressure cooker the day before I’m going to serve them then put them in the frig overnight.

      The next day I put them on the smoker at a very low temperature for a couple of hours until they are good and hot and have a good smoke flavor. I like to use mostly oak wood with a tiny bit of pecan thrown in. Pecan is way too strong on it's own.

      If you try to cook them until they are very tender and then put them on the smoker the same day they will just fall apart. But if you cook them until they are tender and put them in the frig overnight then put them on the smoker they will hold together and boy are they yummy.

      I just put my pork ribs on the smoker until they are done but I always use baby backs and they are always good, I don’t like regular pork spare ribs.

      I’m a purist; I like my meat with just salt, pepper and maybe a dab of BBQ sauce on the side for and occasional dip. My favorite sauce is Sweet Baby Ray’s.
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        Re: Rib question...

        Do they taste like the ribs have been smoked or grilled? I am losing something here. Ribs need to be smoked or grilled with flavor.


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          Re: Rib question...

          [QUOTE=TxRogue;255317]try here,a few good recipes from the texas beef council darlin, muahh

          Tim honey, I have a better idea.... Why don't you just show me how to do ribs right? xoxox


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            Re: Rib question...

            baby, just let me come over and we will try everything...


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              Re: Rib question...

              Oooooooo LA LA !! Now you're talking ! Just don't let NU read this, you know how she can be....