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Another question about grilling chicken

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  • Another question about grilling chicken


    Sorry about another question for grilling chicken, but...... someone mention about pre-cooking the chicken (not comp. done) before putting it on the char-coal grill, ok after I pre-cook it for awhile can I still marinade it to get the flavor in the chicken & then grill it?

    The reason for the questions, cause I'm having a camping bbq this week-end and I need to do alot of the preparation before camping, we have a camper with a kitchen but I really don't want to stay in the kitchen while everybody else is outside playing, (cornhole game).

    Again Thanks,

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    Re: Another question about grilling chicken

    I think it depends on what type of marinade. If it is high in sugars, like BBQ, I wouldn't.

    Remember if you marinate it, then cook it, throw out the old marinade and use a fresh batch.

    I've personally never precooked mine. Chicken doesn't take as long as you would think.


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      Re: Another question about grilling chicken

      Here is a website that may help you too!


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        Re: Another question about grilling chicken

        Pour some of the marinade into the water and boil it first.
        I still play with my food


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          Re: Another question about grilling chicken

          I wouldn't precook the chicken, and as jewels mentioned, I also wouldn't marinate it in a marinade with sugar in it, it will burn.

          To grill chicken - low and slow is the secret. Low heat, either indirect, or don't use a ton of charcoal.. and let it cook slowly, turning the pieces every 10 minutes or so to cook evenly. Its done when the juices run clear when pierced.

          I like to bbq chicken by first season it with seasoned salt and seasoned pepper, then grill as above. When done, brush with favorite bbq sauce. You do NOT want to add the sauce before the chicken is done because it is full of sugars and will burn before the chicken is done. Gross.

          Enjoy your bbq camp!