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ISO Non-Sticky Caramel Recipe

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  • ISO Non-Sticky Caramel Recipe

    Does anyone have a recipe for non-sticky caramel?

    I had some of this a long time ago and can't seem to find a recipe. I did a search, but couldn't find anything.


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    Re: ISO Non-Sticky Caramel Recipe

    Hi good luck with finding the recipe maybe someone here will post it for you, I moved your post here to recipe request since there is no posting in archives and nobody would get to see it there.


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      Re: ISO Non-Sticky Caramel Recipe

      Machele has a great one. She sent me some in a swap. I've printed the recipe I don't know how many times, and now can't find it. I'll try searching on here for you.


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        Re: ISO Non-Sticky Caramel Recipe

        I had to search by using her name, but found it. This is copied and pasted from her post.
        Thanks Machele!!

        I make caramels all the time. Before I began making caramels, I used Kraft caramels and added heavy cream. If you want runny caramel, I have seen the jars of caramel topping (for ice cream) used.
        My recipe (and you can cut in half or quarter).

        1# butter(salted)
        4 C. sugar
        32 oz. white corn syrup
        1 qt. heavy cream

        Boil to 246 degrees. Needs to be pretty accurate, a degree under it will be soft, a degree or two over and it will be really firm. Although I can cook it with minimal amounts of stirring, I believe it depends on your cookware. Make sure it does not scorch. It boils up pretty high at first, so choose your pan appropriately, or watch it carefully so it does not boil over.
        Pour into a well-buttered pan/s I use a jelly roll pan or two 9"x13" for my batch. Cool completely, cut and wrap in waxed paper.

        For turtles. I LIGHTLY butter mini muffin pans. Put toasted nuts in pans, enough to coat the bottom of each tin. After the caramel has cooled for a couple of minutes, use spoons to put a dollop on top of the nuts. Continue until all the tins have caramel. Pour the remaining caramel in a well-buttered dish. It is best to completely dip the turtles in chocolate.

        PM me if you have any questions :-)


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          Re: ISO Non-Sticky Caramel Recipe

          Thanks so much!