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Egg Drop Soup Recipe

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  • Egg Drop Soup Recipe

    The other day I mentioned in the chat room that a good friend of mine recently has the Lap Band procedure. NU suggested a recipe for Egg Drop Soup for her to eat because it is high in protein. Does anyone have a good T&T recipe? Thanks a bunch, Beth

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    Re: Egg Drop Soup Recipe

    I don't have a "recipe" for it. I just make it. lol

    Chicken broth, I like to make mine with chicken base, make as strong or weak as you want.
    S&P to taste
    a couple dice green onions (your friend can eat around those if she's not allowed these yet)
    a can of whole kernel corn, or frozen corn (don't put in for your friend)

    Amount of eggs depends on how much broth your making.
    Heat broth, seasonings, onions and corn to a rolling boil. Beat eggs, try a couple at first, stir broth while boiling and slowly pour beaten eggs into broth, stirring all the time. Can add as many eggs as you want, but you can get too many! lol

    thicken with cornstarch and water till desired thickness, or keep thin.
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      Re: Egg Drop Soup Recipe

      Egg Drop Soup T&T by me!

      4 cups chicken broth
      2 eggs
      1 tsp. soy sauce
      1-2 drops sesame oil (optional)
      chopped scallions or chives
      pepper to taste
      1 tsp. cornstarch mixed with cold water (optional)

      Heat broth, soy sauce, oil, and pepper in pan. Add cornstarch and let thicken to desired consistency. Break eggs in to bowl and stir thoroughly. Slowly drizzle eggs in pan while stirring clockwise. This produces the pretty threads of egg. The eggs cook quickly. Put in bowl and top with scallions.
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        Re: Egg Drop Soup Recipe

        Thanks a bunch! Beth


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          Re: Egg Drop Soup Recipe

          I just realizED I put S&P to taste, out of habit. I don't think I've ever salted it! Broth already salty enough! DUH! lol
          "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~Eleanor Roosevelt