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    Does anyone have the recipe for the CHIMI YAM FRIES? They are no longer on the menu, but were being served in Toronto. I am very interested in the seasoning on the yam fries. Thank you!


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      I am looking for the tune poke bowl recipe - such a great dish. Any hints would be appreciated.


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        What are the crispy bits in the sweet chili chicken appetizer?


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          Does anybody have the recipe for the Kobe style Spaghettini and meatballs?! It’s to die for


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            Does anyone know the recipe for the spicy chicken from Cactus Club?


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              [QUOTE=Mikec;n735925]Can anyone tell me how to make hunters chicken from cactus club, I loved the sauce. Thank you in advance.[/QUOTE]

              i absolutely love that dish too (has it two days in a row the other day!). It’s actually chicken chasseur. Here’s my favourite recipe for it


              if you follow the recipe to the letter and make the stock yourself it’s a lot of work. Sometime when I’m feeling lazy I just use store bought. I also much prefer dark meat so I use thighs instead of breast. Here’s The result albeit using thighs and roast potatoes (which is how they used to serve it before switching to mash).


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                Does anyone have the recipe for their Grilled Dijon Salmon? In particular the sauce. I had it for the first time last night and it was delicious. I could taste butter, lemon, Dijon (obviously).
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                  [QUOTE=Sumilou;n734482]Would anyone know how to make the Cactus Club tuna poke bowl? It's so good, and I'd love to know how to get the sauce right. Thank you![/QUOTE]

                  I second this - I've found the CC tuna poke stack recipe dupe elsewhere online, but not confident the sauce recipe is the same as that used for the bowl.....I'm new to tuna pokes in general, so if any of the more expert with those can say, I'm definitely curious....

                  hope it's okay to post an external link (no advertising affiliation do I have!) so the stack recipe (2009ish) is accessible.....[URL][/URL] but she doesn't mention the poke bowls, which are since 2018
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