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Fried Cabbage?

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  • Fried Cabbage?

    Traumanurse mentioned in one of the what's for dinner threads about having fried cabbage. I've never heard of this nor know how to go about doing it,,,cooked first then fried? seasonings? I love cabbage and would like to try it fried,,,thanks!
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    Re: Fried Cabbage?

    When I fry it, I slice in thin shreds, heat butter and add with seasonings and kind of do it like a stir fry. Don't precook.

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      Re: Fried Cabbage?

      thanks,,,just didn't know whether to precook or not.
      A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands


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        Re: Fried Cabbage?

        We Eat It Fairly Often.

        I Put A Big Ole Blob Of Butter In The Bottom Of My Skillet, Chop An Onion And Chop Up A Head Of Cabbage, And Fry/sautee Until Desired Doneness. I Use Morton's Natures Seasoning, Has Salt/pepper/garlic And Other Stuff In There, Just Season To Taste. We Like It Really Carmelized, Have Made It Just Until It Starts To Brown, Or Just Done, But We Like It Really Really Brown. Make Sure To Take Some Beano Or Gas-x! Lol


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          Re: Fried Cabbage?

          Thats how I do it too...Very good stuff,,,
          Even good as a Main dish!!!
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            Re: Fried Cabbage?

            slice thin, put in pan, add some olive oil, cover cook for a while stirring every so often. remove cover and let brown. i season w/ lawrys, garlic and pepper.



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              Re: Fried Cabbage?

              Fried Cabbage
              SERVES 4 -6

              1 lb bacon, finely chopped
              1 medium onion, chopped
              2 lbs cabbage, finely diced
              1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
              1/2 teaspoon salt
              1/2 teaspoon black pepper
              Fry bacon until crisp and well browned.
              Drain and set aside.
              Add chopped onion to the bacon grease and stir until translucent.
              Add cabbage, pepper flakes, salt and pepper, stirring until all cabbage is coated.
              Add the crumbled bacon bits and cover.
              Cook over low heat until cabbage is tender.


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                Re: Fried Cabbage?

                Last night I made fried cabbage (for the first time) with thinly sliced cabbage. First I took onion & saute'ed it in bacon grease until opaque/slightly browned. Added the cabbage with salt & pepper with pre-cooked wide noodles & stir fried everything. It was better today!!

                I added a sprinkle of sugar to the cabbage & it really mellowed it! I've been told this is pure Polish/Czech fare. My Polish MIL would have definitely APPROVED!!


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                  Re: Fried Cabbage?

                  I fry mine in bacon grease. Sometimes I add some sliced onion. Its also terrific fried in bacon grease with some sliced squash and onions fried up with it. Or potatos and cabbage fried together with a little onion. I just use salt and plenty of pepper to season.


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                    Re: Fried Cabbage?

                    Brown butter in bottom of frying pan, I use an electric one, chunck up the cabbage. I also make potato dumplings and put them in at the end. YUMMY

                    I just use salt and pepper to taste.


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                      Re: Fried Cabbage?

                      I slice the cabbage in medium slices and like Nu put a blob of butter in the skillet and stir fry. I don't cook it too long as we like it semi-soft. I sometimes slice yellow squash, onion and chunks of green bell pepper. Yum!


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                        Re: Fried Cabbage?

                        I usually do pre-cook mine first because that is how my grandmother made it. Shred a whole head of cabbage and put in large pan and add a little water and cook until water evaporates. Then I add a whole lot of butter or margarine to the pan and black pepper, a little salt and cooked wide egg noodles. I fry it until it is nice and brown. Sometimes I add bell pepper, but not often. I usually will cook kielbasa (fried until brown) for my husband when I make it.

                        My mother-in-law did not pre-cook hers and she added dill to it. No egg noodles.



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                          Re: Fried Cabbage?

                          Every once in a whle I like a little drizzle of sesame oil on it at the very end.

                          If I have ham leftover I'll cube some of that, and once cabbage has wilted a bit will then add the ham, a can of stewed tomatoes and some cooked egg noodles. A whole meal. A good friend of bohemian extraction said that has been a family favorite for a couple of generations - only using plain canned tomatoes. The stewed tomatoes are my personal preference.


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                            Re: Fried Cabbage?

                            I just made some.
                            4 cups chopped cabbage or I use cut up slaw in a bag, the smaller size.
                            4 tablespoons butter
                            3/4 cup green pepper
                            3/4 cup onion
                            1 cup diced tomatoes
                            pinch sugar
                            Put all ingredients in a skillet,cover and cook till tender.
                            If it starts to get dry I add a tiny bit of water because I like my cabbage well done.


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                              Re: Fried Cabbage?

                              Ever heard of 'Bubble and squeak'? It's a traditional British recipe for leftovers that generally include cabbage and/or other veggies from a Sunday dinner. It's something that I vaguely remember my Grandfather talking about some 40 years or so ago. Here's what I found on the web.

                              Irish Tradition of Bubble & Squeak

                              3 tablespoons butter
                              1 medium onion, finely chopped
                              2 cups of cabbage, shredded
                              1 1/2 lb potatoes, peeled and cut them into chunks
                              Salt and pepper, to taste

                              In large saucepan, cover potatoes with lightly salted water. Cover and bring to boil; reduce heat and boil gently for 10 minutes or until soft. Mash until very smooth.

                              In large saucepan, boil cabbage with small amount of water until tender. Drain, set aside.

                              In large nonstick frypan heat butter over medium-low heat and saute onion just until softened (about 5 minutes). Sitr in drained cabbage and cook for 3 minutes. Add potatoes, folding to mix well. Add salt and pepper, to taste.

                              Leave on medium-low heat and listen to it until it bubbles and squeaks in the pan