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sweet/spicy pickle?

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  • sweet/spicy pickle?

    Has anybody heard of the recipe where you take a gallon of dill pickles, remove part of the juice, and add sugar and spices to make a sweet/hot pickle?

    I have heard that they are really good. TIA

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    Re: sweet/spicy pickle?

    Here's it is. It was posted here a while back.

    Posted March 19, 2004 08:34 AM

    This is the most simple recipe for making sweet pickles you won't believe it. It makes a lot so be prepared to go comatose on these or give away to friends. It won't be hard to find volunteers once they’ve tasted them.

    I always keep a jug in the fridge. Their great for curing sweet tooth cravings.

    Spicy Sweet Pickles

    1 Gallon Hamburger Chips (Dill)
    4 lbs sugar
    1 whole head of garlic,(about 10 to 12 cloves),sliced
    1 small bottle of Tabasco sauce (the red kind)

    Pour off pickle juice into a pot, big enough to hold everything when combined. Add sugar and stir until dissolved. (no heat is required) Add whole bottle of Tabasco sauce and sliced garlic cloves and put the pickles back in the juice. Stir every now and then, (dh and I stir every time we walk by the pot) and let sit overnight.

    At this point you can put back into the gallon container or separate into jars for giving away. Be sure to keep refrigerated and shake the jars every now and then. In about 3 days their done, but better after a week.

    Enjoy! I bet you can't eat just one....
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