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Carrabba's Rosemary Chicken

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  • Carrabba's Rosemary Chicken

    I'd love the recipe for the rosemary chicken at Carrabba's! It's AMAZING!


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    Re: Carrabba's Rosemary Chicken

    Greetings Kim and welcome to CK.

    Sorry I couldn't find Carrabba's recipe but Wolfgang Puck has a fabulous recipe

    Rotisserie Garlic Rosemary Chicken with Roasted Vegetables

    I'm sure you could do this in a regular oven. Just put the chicken atop the veggies

    4 - pound whole chicken, preferably organic
    2 Tablespoons good quality olive oil
    Kosher salt, fresh pepper and red chili flakes to taste
    8 cloves fresh garlic
    4 sprigs fresh rosemary
    2 lemons, halved
    4 sweet potatoes, quartered
    1 each red, orange and green bell pepper, cut into large chunks
    2 large onions, peeled and cut into large wedges

    In a large bowl toss together all but the chicken.
    Fill cavity of the chicken with a handful of the vegetables, including 2 of the lemon halves.
    Tie legs of chicken using kitchen or butchers twine.
    Attach rotisserie spit to chicken tightening screws till snug.
    Pour remaining vegetables into oven baking tray and place in bottom of oven.
    Rub a bit more salt, pepper and olive oil onto skin of chicken and load rotisserie spit into oven.
    Wash hands.
    Close oven door and set knob to ROTISSERIE function. Set temperature to 400 degrees. Set timer for 1 hour.
    After 1 hour, turn vegetables and test chicken using a thermometer. When thickest part of thigh reaches 165 degrees, chicken is ready to eat. Squeeze roasted lemon halves over all and enjoy.