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  • Jambalaya Recipes?

    I got a good deal on Andouille sausage, have a ton of shrimp & chicken in the freezer and picked up home-grown okra at a farm market the other day! DH & I are in the mood for some hearty Jambalaya (his brother lives in Gulfport, MS & we always take a day-trip to New Orleans when we visit). The weather's getting cooler here in Ohio & soups, stews and comfort food is starting to sound mighty good, LOL!

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    Re: Jambalaya Recipes?

    I'm sure you could add the shrimp somewhere in this. It's super easy.

    Gerry’s Quick Jambalaya

    4 Tbsp. oil
    2 onions, chopped
    1 large bell pepper, chopped
    1 lb. andouille, cut in ˝ inch pieces
    1 lb. smoked sausage, cut in ˝ inch pieces
    2 lb. boneless chicken (thigh meat), cubed
    9 cups water, in all
    2 cups raw rice (Zatarain’s) **
    2 boxes Zatarain’s Jambalaya Mix
    Tony Chachere’s to taste
    Salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper to taste
    1 Tbsp garlic powder
    1 Tbsp. onion powder
    approx. 10 squirts Worcestershire Sauce

    Saute onions and bell peppers in oil (high fire) in large black iron pot. Cook till starting to brown. Remove from pot and set aside. Cook chicken meat till it starts to fry. Put onions and peppers back in, along with the rest of the meat, and cook till heated through. Add one of the cups of water and bring to a boil. Cook down for 1 hour, letting the water boil out, stirring often. When it starts to fry again, add remaining 8 cups of water and bring to a boil. Add rice and jambalaya mixes, stirring well. Add the rest of the seasonings and the Worcestershire sauce, reduce heat to medium to med/lo (#4). Cover and check every 10 minutes, stirring to keep from sticking on the bottom. After you have checked it for the third time, taste the rice for doneness. Take the pot off the burner, remove the lid to keep the rice from getting soggy, and serve.

    ** A 1 pound bag of Zatarain’s Rice equals 2 cups.


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      Re: Jambalaya Recipes?

      My friend Angie gave me this recipe over 20 years ago. It gets rave reviews. It looks like a lot of work.. and yeah it probably is.. but it's worth it!

      2 c. chicken, bite-size pieces
      1/2 lb. chopped Andouille sauauge
      1/2 lb. bite-size pieces Andouille sauauge
      1/2 lb. chopped smoked ham
      2 c. chopped red onions
      3/4 c. chopped clery
      1 c. chopped green peppers
      2 t. oregano leaves
      1 t. thyme leaves
      2 T. chopped garlic
      2 lb canned and peeled tomatoes (I use diced tomatoes)
      3 c. chicken stock (homemade is best, but canned it ok)
      1 lb. peeled shrimp
      1 lb. crabmeat (I DO NOT ADD THIS)
      2 c. long grain rice (NOT minute rice).. Rinsed and drained
      2 -4 bay leaves
      1 1/2 t. cayenne pepper
      1 1/2 t. white pepper
      1 t. black pepper

      In 4 qt. saucepan, saute over medium heat - chopped sausage and smoked ham for 5 - 8 mins. Turn to high and add onions, celery, green peppers and garlic. Stir constantly and scrape bottom for 3 mins. (Sausage and ham will brown). Add chicken and cook for 1-2 mins. Reduce heat to medium. Add spices and tomatoes; reserve tomato juice from can. Cook 8 min. Be sure to stir and scrape bottom frequently. Add reversed tomato juice, chicken broth, bite size sausage. Turn down heat.Cook 20 mins. (SEE NOTE)
      Add crab (if using), shrimp and rice, stir well. Let simmer for 20-25 mins. (or until rice is done)
      Serve with Louisiana hot sauce on the side.

      NOTE: You can make this a day or two before.. reheat..and add shrimp and rice for the last 20/25 mins. If it gets to thick, add some tomato juice (I use V-8 spicy which I have in my cupboards.)

      Hope you enjoy~~