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  • Isis1
    Re: blueberry muffins

    I posted a long list of muffin recipes a while back that I'll bump up for ya in the tried and true forum. I have a buttermilk blueberry one that is really good.

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  • flutterby
    started a topic blueberry muffins

    blueberry muffins

    Looking for your TRIED AND TRUE (stress *tried and true*) Blueberry muffin recipe. Fairly easy and ....... don't know how to describe it..... cakey? like muffins from dunkin donuts or the grocery store??

    willing to try a few!!

    Also.............can you freeze non-cooked apples? I have a recipe for apple bread that calls for the apples with sugar on them sit for 15 minutes until sugar dissolves....etc., etc....

    Can I shred the apples, put the sugar on and freeze for later use?? Like just take the apples out, defrost and add to the recipe?? HELP!!