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Cucumber sandwiches

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  • Cucumber sandwiches

    Does anyone have a recipe for these? I was asked to bring these to a baby shower. Only one problem don't know how to make them. I've never even had them.

    Please help
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    Mix a package of dry Italian dressing mix with 8 oz. softened cream cheese. Add a little green food coloring to give it a nice light tint. Spread on party rye slices. Top each with a slice of cucumber.


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      I just made these for a tea party last weekend and they were a big hit. I wanted to keep them simple since I had so many other things to make. I just used the pumpernickle party bread and spread it with Alouette savory vegetable cheese spread (found in the grocery store), topped it with a thin slice of cucumber, a small sprig of dill on the cucumber slice and alittle pepper.


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        We have always done them using the party pumpernickel....spread w/ mayo, top w/ cucumber slice and sprinkle w/ lemon pepper seasoning........EASY.......and YUMMY!!!!!


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          cucumber sandwiches

          I make mine likes cooks4fun, but sometimes add a very thin slice of tomato along with the cucumber or a thin slice of colored pepper with the cucumber.


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            Here's the way I used to make them for sorority teas:

            Slice cucumbers and marinade them in Italian dressing (like Wishbone). Cut circles out of white bread. Spread just a little butter on each bread circle slice, top with a slice of cucumber, then other bread.

            These were SO yummy.


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              My cuke sandwiches are very simple. Slice cuke thin (try the jappanese version which is seedless- costco carries them 3 for about $2) light salt and pepper. In a small bowl mix 1 stick softened butter, snip in fresh chives (I say about a Tablespoon snipped or to color)..
              Use butter mixture thinly on each slice of good white bread. one layer only of cukes. top buttered slice of bread. Using an electrice knife (yes people there is a second life for that appliance.!) slice off the crusts then into 4 triangles.
              Store in a covered plastic container with a damp (squeeze excess water) paper towel. This will keep the sandwichs fresh until table time.