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Cheddars Chicken Fried Steak

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  • Cheddars Chicken Fried Steak

    My boyfriend loves the chicken fried steak at Cheddar's and I thought it'd be cool if I could learn to make it. Anyone have the recipe?

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    Re: Cheddars Chicken Fried Steak

    Hi Kelly and welcome. I don't have cheddars version, but here's mine. And, my family really likes it. (I don't measure, but it's really easy)

    seasoned flour (salt, pepper, garlic powder, to taste)
    egg wash, (1 egg and about 1 cup milk, can double if frying alot of steaks) add a few dashes of Tobasco( ok to leave out)
    about 1/2" oil in pan, hot

    dredge steak in flour, get both sides good. Dredge it in egg wash, then back in flour, then fry until brown, turn, brown, drain on paper towels! Just remember, dry-wet-dry. Works every time!


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      Re: Cheddars Chicken Fried Steak

      I'm with Nu on this one. Dry-wet-dry. And don't overcook. As soon as I see the meat juice coming up on top, I flip it, brown that side and pull it off. Cover and rest for five minutes (DH hates this part! LOL) or so. Will continue cooking while it's resting and won't be tough as shoe leather.