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    I am looking for a Queso sauce/dip to put over burritos or just use as a dip for chips. I do not want any recipes that use Velveeta with Rotel tomatoes. Velveeta sometimes is just too salty. How do restaurants make their sauce that looks just like melted cheese, milk or cream perhaps with some green chilies in it - that's it. I don't want to add any sausage or hamburger. I am able to buy Mexican type cheeses at my local Wegmans store

    While I am requesting, does anyone have a green chili sauce that uses Hatch chilies that can also be put over many Southwestern dishes? Thank you in advance for any help.

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    Re: Queso Dip/Sauce

    I was at my favorite grocery store today and was talking to one of the store chefs. I had just purchased some of the store made queso and I was asking how it was made. I thought I would need some fancy Mexican type cheese but no, the store makes a flour roux made with whole milk and shredded Colby-Jack cheese. Mix very slowly so the cheese doesn't separate and then add some green chilies from a can. At least this won't be as salty as using Velveeta.


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      Re: Queso Dip/Sauce

      I had some recipes in my book of internet recipes, but I've never tried them, so didn't think I should post the recipes. I'm glad you found an easy way to make it by someone who knew. Let us know how it turns out.