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  • Uncle Julio's Fajitas

    Does anyone know what the marinade is that Uncle Julio's Restaurant uses for their fajitas. I just bought some skirt steak and would love to try to make them. Thanks!
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    Re: Uncle Julio's Fajitas

    Title Recipe(tried): Julio's Fajita Marinade
    From: danny from reston, va, 12-03-2009
    Source: Recipelink.com

    the marinade is easy and simple. I know i used to work there! Pineapple juice and soy sauce. That's it. I know you think there should be more, but the soy sauce and its salt base and soy flavor combined with the pineapple and its acidity make perfect combo. You want to use 2 to 1 ratio more soy than pineapple. Enjoy!

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      Re: Uncle Julio's Fajitas

      Uncle Julios (formerly Rio Grande east of the Mississippi but now all called Uncle Julios) has great salsa and chips. Their salsa is served warm and is so yummy I could take a straw to it and just sip it. it is a dark red and very flavorful that you just can't get enough. My son asks to go to Uncle Julios for every birthday so we were just there for August 5th. Their food is fresh and not loaded down with cheese sauces but fresh tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce etc. We just love the place.