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  • Chinese Cashew Chicken


    I'm looking for a Tried & True Chinese Cashew Chicken. The chicken is on the crispy side.

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    Re: Chinese Cashew Chicken

    Meaning, you probably want a flour coating on the chicken, then.
    I don't want buns of steel. I want buns of cinnamon !!!


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      Re: Chinese Cashew Chicken

      I have a very complicated one a friend got from a place in New Jersey but jus found another one we tried and it was pretty good.

      I just leave my cashews in wholes of large pieces. I love this sauce. Lots of Chinese recipes toss the meats in corn starch.
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        Re: Chinese Cashew Chicken

        Hi Ro!
        This version of Cashew Chicken was made famous here in my hometown.It is very crunchy & crispy.

        Springfield-Style Cashew Chicken:
        This recipe can be doubled or tripled very easily.

        3-4 boneless,skinless chicken breasts,cut into bite-sized pieces
        1 egg
        1/4 c.milk
        salt & pepper
        Peanut oil for frying(Must be this oil!)

        2 c.water
        4 chicken bouillon cubes
        2 tsp.oyster sauce
        1/2 tsp.garlic powder
        2 dashes soy sauce(I use about 6 dashes)
        1/2 tsp.sugar
        2 T.cornstarch
        2 T.water

        Rice,steamed or fried(We like fried)
        Cashews,however many you prefer,I use about 1-2 T.per serving.
        Green onions,finely sliced

        Flour chicken & let sit for 5-10 minutes in fridge.In a small bowl,combine the egg & milk,season w/salt & pepper.Dip floured chicken pieces in egg mixture & then flour again.Fry chicken in peanut oil till deep golden brown,crispy & done,then place chicken on paper towels.

        Combine the 2 cups water,bouillon cubes,oyster sauce,garlic powder,soy sauce & sugar,bring to a low boil,stirring occasionally.In a small bowl,stir together the cornstarch & the 2 T.of water.After the bouillon cubes have dissolved,stir in the cornstarch mixture.Cook,stirring till thickened.

        Place cooked chicken on a bed of steamed or fried rice,pour "some" sauce over the chicken.Top w/the cashews,then the finely sliced green onions.
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