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Pork Breakfast Sausage?

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  • Pork Breakfast Sausage?

    I've looked, but can't find what I'm looking for....I got a meat grinder attachment for my kitchen aid for Christmas, and I want to make pork breakfast sausage (like Jimmy Dean). Does anyone have a recipe for some thats similar in flavor? TIA!

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    Re: Pork Breakfast Sausage?

    You mentioned that you looked and you may have already looked at this recipe, but just in case, here is one that is on the net. I cannot vouch for it since I do not eat pork sausage.


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      Re: Pork Breakfast Sausage?

      ok, I have NEVER given this recipe away. dh was a custom meat cutter, had his own business and developed this recipe by trial and error. It is outrageous! It is mild, with just the right amount of spice. not hot at all so if you like hot you will have to add red pepper flakes. Of course you can change amounts to your taste, but... this is exactly how we spice ours.

      5 lbs. fresh pork, cut into about 2 inch cubes does not have to be perfect. make a ratio of lean to fat you like, I like pretty lean
      in a container, combine well

      1 1/2 Tab. kosher salt don't use table salt
      1 1/2 Tab. pepper, we use coarse ground but reg. is fine
      1 Tab. sugar
      1 1/2 teaspoons sage
      sprinkle spice over meat, mix it in really well. grind with large plate. do second grind with small plate

      hope you love it as much as we do

      you may think it is to much spice, it looks like to much, but really, truly it's not to much!!! just right.
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