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Bannana Bread and Brownies

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  • Bannana Bread and Brownies

    I am making banana bread and brownies to take to work for my friends. I am wondering if there is a way to blend the batter and the dough together to make a sort of blended banana brownie? I tried Googling but didn't see anything close to what I am thinking. Maybe I should stop thinking so much? LOL

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    Re: Bannana Bread and Brownies

    I am wondering if you could swirl some of the banana bread batter through the brownie batter? Maybe thin it somewhat with applesauce or whatever liquid the recipe calls for in the banana bread. It might be dense enough that it would burn the brownies before the bread got done.

    Good luck, I like the idea. Let us know how it comes out as I might steal your idea.
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      Re: Bannana Bread and Brownies

      I found a layered bar, but not sure that is what you want.