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cracking nutrolls

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  • cracking nutrolls

    Can anyone please tell me why my nutrolls crack or split on the sides. I prick them on the tops and sides but they still split. HELP!!! I consider myself a pretty good baker but this is still my biggest problem!

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    I'm not sure of what recipe you are speaking of, but the nutrolls I'm thinking about wouldn't be pricked. Wouldn't the pricks give the filling a way to escape?

    Anyway, I did some research and found a few things that could be making them crack. Too much yeast to flour ratio. Oven too hot. Rolling the dough too thin
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      Are you using a yeast dough? I am thinking if they crack then it is more like a pie dough and what Allie says would be true. I have never pricked yeast dough and have made a lot of different rolls with no cracking but pie crust type dough will crack and everything from moisture content on down can cause that.

      Can you post the dough recipe so we can try and help?
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        Check you oven temp. I just bought an oven thermometer
        and found out my oven is running 50 degrees hotter.